Five things you didn’t know your smartphone could do

Five things you didn’t know your smartphone could do

  1. Control your TV

More and more phones, especially high – end devices such as the HTC One M9, are being built with infrared. In theory, your phone can control anything that responds to infrared. Your phone might even have an app which can be programmed to control your TV or set-top box. If it doesn’t, Google Play has some nifty ones such as the Peel Smart Remote app.

  1. Identify a song

Most user systems, such as Google Now, have the ability to tell you what song is playing. No need for extra apps such as Shazam or SoundHound.

  1. Hang things on your wall effectively

Newer phones have an accelerator which is used to determine orientation on your phone to know if the screen needs to rotate. Because of this, you can download apps that act as spirit levels. No more digging in the garage for that faded yellow metal bar and no more skew pictures and mirrors for when you don’t actually find it.

  1. Speak another language

Google Now has the ability to translate any word or phrase you ask it to. It will also give you both a written and spoken answer. Now there is no excuse to not greet someone back. Konnichiwa!

  1. Block annoying callers

Nuisance callers are a thing of the past. On the HTC One M9 you can simply tap and hold a number in your call history and then tap ‘Block contact’.